Are Your Workouts Hurting or Helping You?

How can you increase the effectiveness and efficiency of your workouts while decreasing your risk of injury? The key to achieving this is recognizing your weak link. Most of us are aware of our shortcomings; whether it’s tight hamstrings or achy knees, we usually have some part of our body talking to us after a hard workout. You stretch those hamstrings or ice those knees, but those areas of your body that are speaking the loudest are not always the ones that need the attention.  Quite often it is those muscles or joints that you are not on speaking terms with. Old injuries, poor posture and repetitive activities slowly begin to dampen the lines of communication.  As time passes you find that you have just grown apart and suddenly there is a “weak link”. These true problem areas or “weak links” can frequently be broken down into either a mobility or stability issue. If it is a “mobility” issue then the area simply needs to be stretched or mobilized.  If it is a “stability” issue then it needs to be strengthened or stabilized.
To recognize or root out your weak link it is necessary to evaluate how your body moves, or should I say, doesn’t move. We analyze the strength (stability) and flexibility (mobility) that you possess while performing fundamental movement patterns. These fundamental movement patterns are tasks we were all able to perform with grace and ease at some point in our life. Once we capture a faulty movement we break it down further to try to determine what is at the root cause. Once that is established, we are able to develop a corrective fitness strategy that can be implemented directly into your current routine. Certain aspects of your current routine may have to be modified to help you overcome your weak link. It can be something as simple as performing a particular stretch or muscle activation technique prior to activity to enhance your specific needs.
To learn more about recognizing your “weak link” while increasing the efficiency and effectiveness of your workouts join us for ClinicFit’s Spring Training Seminar on Saturday, April 9th or call us today to schedule a complimentary movement assessment with Dr. Hemsley.